The I800 is an industry-grade flight platform designed to meet the high demands of the industry.
The body adopts a cost-effective carbon fiber body with high strength. Collapsible arm with automatic landing gear, perfect for handling and assembly. The power system uses a high-power disk motor to maximize the power efficiency of the drone. At the same time, the quick-release structure allows the drone to be used with a load of up to 2.5kg to complete a custom flight mission.

Dual Gimbals

30x HD zoom, 360° stereo vision

Equipment Inspection

Data collection to avoid hidden dangers

Mobile Communication

Flexible over the air base station

Precision Agriculture

Equipped with multiple sensors

Academic Research

All programmable, infinite creativity

Power Line Inspection

Equipped with a dedicated HD zoom camera

Solar Panel Inspection

Fixed-point inspection to save time and effort



Diagonal Wheelbase:


Motor Model:


Recommended battery:

6s LiPo

Dimensions (unfolded):


Dimensions (folded)


Weight (with battery):


Flight Mode

Position Accuracy:

Horizontal: ±2cm
Vertical: ±1cm

Max Speed:

Horizontal: 20m/s
Vertical: 5m/s

Autonomous Flight:

Return to home
A-B routine flight mode
Way point navigation
Low voltage protection


Overall performance:

Max flight time (no payload) 40 min
Max wind resistance 14m/s
IP rating IP43
Max service ceiling above sea level 3km
Max payload 3kg
Class A anti-electromagnetic interference

Mounting performance:

23x optical zoom camera
H265 compression network port output
Stabilization accuracy ±0.002°
1080P live image
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