The Development Platform for Swarming Unmanned Systems

EasySwarm helps developers to fast build ultra-reliable wireless local networks for communications between many unmanned systems. Benefitted from the SwarmLink DevKit gateway, EasySwarm offers an user-friendly software to interact with customized unmanned devices, e.g. drones, AGV, UGV, etc. The EasySwarm software is free and open-source.


EasySwarm software is open to researchers and developers. With the ultra-reliable data links provided by SwarmLink gateway, developers are enabled to try advanced swarming tasks:
  • Customized swarming policies, dynamic waypoint planning
  • Real-time tracking all unmanned systems
  • EasySwarm GitHub address:
  • https://github.com/RobSenseTech/SwarmLink.git
  • EasySwarm Software

    EasySwarm offers operating modes for both drones and AGV robotics all-in-one. Under the drone mode, data control links are established based on MAVLINK protocol. Unicast, multicast, relaying and broadcast communications are all enabled for drones . EasySwarm supports RobSense Phenix series flight controllers, as well as other open-source flight platforms such as Pixhawk, Ardupilot, etc.Under the AGV robotics mode, an infrared line following development kit is available with “Toys-flavour” controlling of small robot cars.
  • Plug&Play “online-unlock-takeoff-return”
  • Customized waypoint
  • Baidu Maps
  • Network QoS monitoring (professional version only)
  • EasySwarm
    Introducing Video

    EasySwarm Introducing Video

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