EasySwarm helps developers to fast build ultra-reliable wireless local networks for communications between many unmanned systems. Benefitted from the SwarmLink DevKit gateway, EasySwarm offers an user-friendly software to interact with customized unmanned devices, e.g. drones, AGV, UGV, etc. The EasySwarm software is free and open-source.


EasySwarm software is open to researchers and developers. With the ultra-reliable data links provided by SwarmLink gateway, developers are enabled to try advanced swarming tasks:

  • Customized swarming policies, dynamic waypoint planning
  • Real-time tracking all unmanned systems
  • EasySwarm GitHub address: https://github.com/RobSenseTech/SwarmLink.git
  • EasySwarm Software

    EasySwarm offers operating modes for both drones and AGV robotics all-in-one. Under the drone mode, data control links are established based on MAVLINK protocol. Unicast, multicast, relaying and broadcast communications are all enabled for drones. EasySwarm supports RobSense Phenix series flight controllers, as well as other open-source flight platforms such as Pixhawk, Ardupilot, etc. Under the AGV robotics mode, an infrared line following development kit is available with “Toys-flavour” controlling of small robot cars.

  • Plug & Play “online-unlock-takeoff-return”
  • Customized waypoint
  • Baidu Maps
  • Network QoS monitoring (professional version only)
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