Phenix Pro Devkit

Phenix Pro DevKit is the open-source version of RobSense Phenix Pro flight controller. DevKit is built on reconfigurable SoC and equipped with real time operating system. The flight platform supports 20+ I/Os including on-board sensors, mmWave radar, LiDAR, thermal camera,ultravision HD video tranceiver, etc. Designed as next generation flight control system, Phenix Pro DevKit has built in multi-task scheduling for intelligent algorithms and hardware resource management. PhenOS enriches user experience with high stability and maneuverability by supporting real-time data fusion and attitude estimation.

SWARMLINK Gateway for
Swarming Unmanned Systems

The industrial first dedicated gateway designed for ultra-reliable data link in swarming unmanned systems use cases. Data flows generated by a swarm of unmanned systems have unique features including small packets, high number of connections, latency sensitive. For many outdoor scenarios, long-distance signal controlling and strong anti-interference are expected for networking of unmanned systems terminals. SwarmLink aims to offer ultra-reliable radio links for controlling signal communications in high density and high dynamic multi-unmanned systems. In particular, MAC layer protocol is tailored to allow fast channel access and reliable data transmissions.
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